Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Perfection?

Notes for Today
There is something to be said for perfection , but in the modern world perfection tends to mean
1000 or millions of the same stamped out boring items. Items that anyone can get at a department store or in mass markets.

Items that are unique and one of a kind have a definite glow about them that spells Special.
And personalized items are at the top of my list. After all who wants stuff everyone has (boring)
the trend has arrived that more and more people want things they can use and things around them that will be the new heirlooms of the future.

I am tired of the cheap factory stuff that looks tacky fast and is or wants to be thrown out in a few weeks or months.

How about you are you tired of the the stamped out goods out there that are pretending to be perfect?

Check out the new trend at

They are lots of items there that are unique one of a kind . The new heirlooms of the future buy artist made .