Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fog Is In

Well the fog is in thick tonight so it is official. Summer is here.

I have a new project on the go a collage. I made 3 aceo cards over the weekend. One as a gift and the others still wondering whether I will offer them for sale or just keep them in my collection, has a couple of my latest paintings for sale. I really enjoyed mixing the bright colors and drawing the shoes and whimsical gull.

Artsycraftsyfolks shop now has jewelery and it is wonderful work. Beach glass from Nova Scotia shores. Beach glass is a rare find, and the necklaces one of a kind. Fabulous.

I am using a new medium for me in my collage , if it works out the way I hope it does, I will post the results soon.

Weekend has gone quickly , a new work week ahead , hope I can find time to finish all the projects I started last week, and start some new ones.

Gotta go . Take Care.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two more Paintings

Hello I have been working on two paintings for sometime now , and both are now finished.
They are both very different in subject and size. They are colorful and fun.
If you like bright blue and pinks then have a look at these .

They are soon coming on for sale.

Monday, June 2, 2008

June 2 2008

Last week a very busy time
Everyday had some challenges and
art really had to be on hold most of the week.
What art time was available I spent making some artsy stuff
for my oldest grandson who turned teenager last week.
I made him a painted box , aceo card, other small
art pieces ,memory letter , and money as I certainly don't know the guitar hero,
and all the game lingo .
We went shopping all of us plus 5 other grandchildren, They were alot of us 3 cars for all to fit. The birthday guy got Rock Band with the drums, guitar and mike.
Lots of noise .
Lots of fun till late at night.
Now today I have alot of creative plans , so to get started. I have a canvas waiting.
and 2 other unfinished pieces.
These will soon be available at on consignment.
There is a piece of jewerly I have my eye on there , have a look at the silk pin dolls.
These are in the Sew Sommerset magazine so I had better choose one or I may miss out.
Don't buy the one I have my eye on.
Have a great Day!