Sunday, August 16, 2009

Take Time to Enjoy Summer

Notes for Today

The day is sunny and you have a day to do what you want?

Relax and visit

Unique decor , Primitive Art , Art of all kinds.

Dolls of mystery ! Quilts that are cozy. Lots of variety.

Artsycraftsy Folks will make you feel at home, and just may have that unique something that you would like to have in yours.

Enjoy Summer .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Springing into Spring

Notes for Today

Wow Spring is here ? but the snow still stayed. However, we still need to get to all the things related to spring. Put away the winter clothes, and winter deco. (note to me) must now put up my primitive snowmen )

I have started springing . I have bought a sewing machine and trying new things. I have been shopping online , no traffic, take your time, stay in you P J'S ) There is so much online that cannot be found in Malls. I have been cleaning which for me means:
. giving books I have read and know I will not read again to the local library
.giving shoes still in good condition but no longer wear to the corner Red Cross Bin (they need shoes , boots, sandals , all year round.
. Giving clothes that I no longer wear to charity shops (like salvation army)
. Clean out the cupboards , food that is still in date , but you know you won't use right away before the expired date , the food bank , they more so than ever need support.
. The list is endless and they are lots of places to give your stuff you no longer want or use a great way to recycle.

After my springing I like to treat myself to a few new things and I feel creative .

If you feel the need to treat yourself after springing I recommend

Welcome to Spring

Monday, March 9, 2009

Primitive Bunnies

Notes for Today

Primitive Bunnies with such original charm .

Each is a conversation piece and a decorator's dream and there are now being introduced for sale at

Soon another one of my paintings will be for sale at entitled Village Fireworks.

Hop along and have a look .

Friday, February 13, 2009

What is Perfection?

Notes for Today
There is something to be said for perfection , but in the modern world perfection tends to mean
1000 or millions of the same stamped out boring items. Items that anyone can get at a department store or in mass markets.

Items that are unique and one of a kind have a definite glow about them that spells Special.
And personalized items are at the top of my list. After all who wants stuff everyone has (boring)
the trend has arrived that more and more people want things they can use and things around them that will be the new heirlooms of the future.

I am tired of the cheap factory stuff that looks tacky fast and is or wants to be thrown out in a few weeks or months.

How about you are you tired of the the stamped out goods out there that are pretending to be perfect?

Check out the new trend at

They are lots of items there that are unique one of a kind . The new heirlooms of the future buy artist made .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is Winter geting to Ya?

Notes for Today

They are some that really love winter (a few) let me know who they are please?
If you stay home more in winter (like me) then you need to have a few hobbies.
I knit while watching tv. and winter can make one want to get out unfinished work and give it another try. Time to read more , take an online educational course.

I am trying to use my time wisely on these cold winter days and nights . I have gotten out some unfinished art work and have my knitting needles clicking during my favorite tv. shows.

Look for a new work from me soon at

They are some new Hearts there now and Collages .

Keep Warm Keep Safe Winter only lasts until spring.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you get Art Attacks?

Notes for Today
Do you get Art Attacks ? I do.

I have had one today. The symtoms are :

Looking into drawers and boxes and closets for materials.
Pacing from room to room with ideas bouncing in and out of your head.
Thinking of colors and how to mix the paints for exciting new colors .
Feel creative and have to get something on paper .
Get something on a canvas .
Get out the sewing or what ever
Shop for Art.

Gotta go-------- once you have an Art Attack you have to act quickly as creativity comes and goes quickly, and if shopping --Art is one of a kind.

For all of those who have had an Art Attack today and want to shop for Art go to
where a variey of completed art works are for sale. and satisfy your art attack.

Capture the moment.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Art The Adventure

Notes for Today
Let the adventure begin.

Lots of new projects on the go . So many things need to be finished.

Keeping late hours , soon new arrivals coming to