Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you get Art Attacks?

Notes for Today
Do you get Art Attacks ? I do.

I have had one today. The symtoms are :

Looking into drawers and boxes and closets for materials.
Pacing from room to room with ideas bouncing in and out of your head.
Thinking of colors and how to mix the paints for exciting new colors .
Feel creative and have to get something on paper .
Get something on a canvas .
Get out the sewing or what ever
Shop for Art.

Gotta go-------- once you have an Art Attack you have to act quickly as creativity comes and goes quickly, and if shopping --Art is one of a kind.

For all of those who have had an Art Attack today and want to shop for Art go to www.artsycraftsyfolks.com
where a variey of completed art works are for sale. and satisfy your art attack.

Capture the moment.

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